Car Windows And their Repairs

When you own a car, along with comfort and pride comes responsibilities. Just like taking care of a pet, a car owner must ensure the car is maintained well from time to time, to get the best out of the vehicle, else there are going to be expensive issues on the long run. Many a times, the issue faced by car owners are related to the engine, suspension, etc. However, the windows pose problems too. A car window repair may seem insignificant when compared to an engine problem, but this is serious too. When your car window does not work properly, you are either stuck with the window down, unable to roll it up fully. This leave your car exposed and poses theft issues.

When the window is repaired while it is rolled up all the way, you are not going to be able to open the window. What about the times when you park your car, go some place and come back to see the window smashed, in an attempt to ransack the insides of the car?

What to Do

When you realize your car window has been broken or smashed you need to clean up the mess before you can get it replaced. Though mechanics can clean up the pieces, you cannot drive around in such a car for long, especially if you have company

Clean It Up

When your window has been smashed, you will have to ensure you clean out every small piece from your car. Though automatic window glasses are treated and do not break into shards that can poke or hurt you, one cannot let the debris get into the grooves of the car. Ensure you get every small part out by checking under the seats, near the mat, the doors and grooves of the seat. The best way to do this is to vacuum the car as using your hands to clean it up may not be a good choice. A powerful vacuum can do the trick in few minutes.

Stuck Window

When your window is stuck and would not budge, try nudging it a little. If you are trying to roll it up, ask someone to hold the window button, while you slowly encourage the window to move up, with your finger tips. Ensure you try this just a couple of times and are gentle in doing so. Else, the window might get dislodged and fall inside. This may not only leave your car fully exposed and make the problem bigger, but may even cause the glass to break, resulting in a much more expensive repair.


If it is your windshield posing a problem, you need to get it fixed immediately. This is because; an issue with this glass can result in serious problems while driving and can even cause accidents. If you notice a small crack, ensure you keep checking from time to time to see how far it has developed. If you are planning to take the car for a long drive, it is advisable to get the windshield fixed immediately. When you drive fast and there is a lot of wind hitting the windshield, the crack tends to develop and the glass can just break. Though this is rare, it can happen. If the crack keeps developing, it can prevent you from getting a clear view of the road, which again is highly dangerous.

Look For a Mechanic

The next step is to look for a reliable mechanic who can fix the window at a good price. If you are in your hometown and can afford to look around, then get a few quotes before deciding on which mechanic to go to. There are many auto windshield repair companies today, which offer not only windshield repair services but also help in fixing the side windows. Get a professional opinion or two, get competitive prices and decide the best pick.

Select the Glass

There are different types of glass to choose from for each part of the car. The materials and quality vary according to the price. If you drive a mass produced car, getting the windows fixed can be easy as the glasses will be readily available. However, if you are driving a high end car, you will have to send it to the company mechanic and get it fixed. This can take a few days as the parts are not always readily available. The company will have to place an order for the part required and fix it up after receiving the part.