Our Mission

We love cars and have been in the business of taking care of them, for decades. What started as a hobby turned into a passion; and soon people around started noticing. The man behind this business started helping out his friends and neighbors out of friendship and goodwill. This was slowly converted into a small sized auto shop.

Earlier, small auto shops were the trend as company workshops would be present only at certain areas. As a result, these auto shops had the right to do what they felt was right and was never questioned. But today, the companies have seen the market gap and have stepped in by bringing more company auto shops. As a result, private auto shops like us have suffered.

Through this journey of helping car owners, we have ensured we never compromise on quality of the products we use or the service we offer. We have also adapted ourselves to the changing times and have tailor made our services according to the market needs.

Our mission is to provide excellent services to anyone who knocks on our door. If you are stranded in some place without a proper mechanic around you, you can always give us a call and we will be there to help you. We will either reach you directly or find the closest mechanic shop and direct them to you.

We ensure our customers are always well taken care of and have a safe journey at all times. We can offer you tip's for immediate solutions, on the phone too. Trust us to take care of your car in any situation. Even if you have a high end car that has to b e fixed only by the company mechanic, we can provide temporary solutions that do not interfere with the way the company operates.

Apart from fixing windows, we undertake body shop works too, which enables us to have a holistic knowledge about the car and the whole problem. As a result, the solutions we offer take every step into consideration and are carried out only if we feel it suits your car needs.